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Friday, July 28, 2017

JOI For The Lonely Man That Loves Short Sex Stories

Are you sitting around, feeling horny and need a hot girl like me to tell you how to stroke it? Well you sir, are in luck. Becuase my jerk off instruction will make you want to give my phone sex line a try. Once you actually hear all the naughty things that come out of my mouth, you will be addicted. So pull down your pants and keep reading because it's about to get really fucking naughty. 

Getting completely naked is the way I'd like it to be. So why don't you just take everything off. Sit back and relax. Take your hand wrap it around the base of your cock. Start stroking it up and down. Nice and slow at first. I love to see a tight grip around it. Especially when you get to the very tip of it. Squeezing the head of your dick. It'll even be more fun once you start leaving precum. Start picking up the pace just a tiny bit. I want you to get that cock rock hard for me. There's nothing hotter than a guy feeling his on dick throb in his hand.Tell me, are you throbbing yet. If the answer is no, then jerk it faster. C'mon. I know you can stroke it faster. 

Again, squeeze the as you go stroke up. But you aren't cumming just yet. Slow down. There's something else I actually love to watch. Stand up, hold your hand around your cock, grip it tight and you can actually use both hands. Then, fuck it. Fuck your hand. You read it right. Close your eyes and fuck your hand. It feels so good. your balls full of cum tapping up against you. Do you want to cum? 

Maybe I shouldn't let you cum. Maybe I should make you stroke till you beg me. Or perhaps till you call me...

Sweet Adriana


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Morning Dildo Loving!

Sunday morning for me is noonish for you. Only usually I always stay up quite late having some hot phone sex. I'm quite insatiable though. My Sundays are spent in bed, wearing cotton t-shirts and panties and playing with my tight little pussy. That is what I loved to wake up to. Some people wake and bake. Some people have brunch. But for me, I keep my thick dildo on my nightstand at my reach so I can grab it and enjoy the sun shining through the blinds. 

My eyes open, I reach for my phone to check the time and while I do it I slide my hand down into my panties. Sometimes when I have wet dreams I don't even need to warm up. All I do in those cases is shove my dildo in me while I play with my perky little titties. When I don't though, I move my panties to the side and finger myself. My pussy gets wet very fast after a good night sleep. I turn on the tv, I go to the browser and check out the new videos on the teen section. Exxxtra Tiny Teen and Big Cocks never disappoints! When I find one that I like I take my toy and start pushing it inside me. 

I love to keep the dildo still while I grind my hips on it. Taking in and out of me slowly. Sometimes I get too impatient and I sit up and ride it. Though when I do that I come so fucking quick I don't even make it half the teaser video. I bet you are wondering what I am doing today. Well, I guess you are going to have to ask me to find out, don't you? Oh, and don't worry if I already came when you do come around and ask. I can always go for seconds!

Sweet Adriana


Friday, July 21, 2017

Truth Or Dare With My Big Brother

Are incest sex stories your guilty pleasure? I have one that I know would make your cock rock hard and maybe after you read it, you'd want to give me a call and have some how taboo phone sex. It involves my brother and an innocent game of truth or dare, instead, it ended way dirtier than what I thought it would get. It started on boring Thursday night. Obviously, it was a school night and my brother and I bored out of our mind. Our parents weren't home so we had ordered some pizza for dinner. 

We busted out a few drinks, I had some of dad's bourbon and he had a beer. I won't lie, we started getting a bit tipsy and the simple game of monopoly we were trying to play became truth or dare. Of course, since I was playing it with my brother I started asking very innocent questions. The craziest thing you've ever done, have you smoked weed, you know, the usuals. The dares were totally normal too. As the drinks kept flowing though I started seeing my big brother differently. I started to wonder things about him, sexual things, and I am sure he was wondering those same things about me too. 

Dinner was running and the game started getting a bit spicier. The truths were all sexual. He asked if I had ever sucked dick and I won't lie, I started getting a bit turned on. When it was his turn he chose a dare and I knew exactly what I wanted him to do. "I dare you to make me cum." He smiled but didn't oppose it. My big brother told me to get on my stomach, he said that he not only was going to make me cum but he was going to make me squirt. He pulled down my shorts and panties. Spreading my ass he started running his fingers up and down my pussy. It started feeling super good but I was skeptical about him making me squirt. 

Pushing his fingers into me, I let out a soft moan. He started pushing down while fingering me and I started getting soaking wet. I was dripping and he just kept doing it hard and faster. I came so fast but he didn't stop there. He kept fingering banging me and before I knew it I felt an urge to pee. There it was. I squirted all over my brother's hand just in time for the pizza to arrive. We ate dinner and I really couldn't stop to wonder if he could make me squirt with his cock but that's a sex story for another time.

Sweet Adriana

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